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8 The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory | 2017–2018
A Brief History of The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce
"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future."
— George Bernard Shaw
As we enter into another year of service to business and community, the leaders of The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce take Mr. Shaw’s words to heart. This past year has seen the Chamber take positions on a number of important issues — not only those that relate to business, but those that affect the quality of life in our communities. As you prepare for the future by learning about the past, below are brief segments that outline some of the Chamber’s moments in time.

Bethesda Chamber.
Established in 1926, The Bethesda Chamber of Commerce (BCC) had the sole goal of promoting the social-economic climate of the area. At that time, the Chevy Chase Gazette, a local weekly paper,

yards, two feed stores and one bank.

help establish and organize the Bethesda Fire Department. The Fire Department remains a Chamber member to this day and still has BCC representatives sitting on its board of directors, representing the Chamber’s interests. We also have representatives on 14 other organizations' boards in our demographical area, responding
and reporting to the members of the Chamber on the actions and developments in our community.
The 1930s brought pro-action and advocacy to the forefront of  Bethesda at the intersection of East-West Highway, Wisconsin Avenue and Old Georgetown Road after the Chamber conducted a  moved in both directions.
The Chamber conducted a door-to-door survey to question why

campaign, which began a business boom for Bethesda.
"I know of no way of judging the future but by the past."
— Patrick Henry
The mid-1940s showed a dramatic raise in the dues of Chamber   construction started on the Bradley Boulevard Shopping Center. During that time, a special committee was formed to study parking, resulting in the establishment of the Bethesda Parking Lot District a few years later.
"Study the past if you would divine the future."
— Confucius
Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce to “coincide with the community our Chamber serves.”
    ... getting worse day by day ... customers are reluctant to come to the area,” until Chamber action resulted in the widening of both Arlington and Bethesda Avenues and the purchase of several parking lots.
T 1960s

yellowwood trees along Wisconsin and Old Georgetown. The newly

the Baltimore Symphony to perform at Walt Whitman High School,

Parking issues continued through the 1960s, with the Chamber
   parking lot opened in the 110-foot-high Air Rights Building. As the 1960s ended, there were 2,822 metered parking spaces in Bethesda, with another 1,472 to be added in a year.

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