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Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, headquartered in Chevy Chase, is a medical research organization that ranks as one of the nation’s leading philanthropies, playing a major role in advancing fundamental research and science education. To ensure that scientific discovery continues to be an engine that drives human progress, HHMI invests in people, not projects—thought leaders, emerging research pioneers, and students who aspire to be tomorrow’s scientific innovators.
HHMI supports approximately 500 of the world’s most visionary scientists located at major universities and research institutions across the United States. HHMI researchers are widely recognized for their creativity and productivity; the institute has supported
25 Nobel laureates and more than 180 HHMI researchers are members of the National Academy of Sciences.
In nearby Loudoun County, Virginia, scientists from a variety of disciplines are working together at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus to solve some of biology’s most challenging problems. Janelia employs more than 500 scientists and support staff from around the world.
HHMI is also one of the nation’s largest private funders of science education. The science education program emphasizes initiatives with the power to transform graduate, undergraduate, and high school education in the life sciences. It has supported science education in the Montgomery County public schools for many years.
HHMI’s Procurement Department prioritizes efficiency and
cost effectiveness in procuring the goods and services needed for the institute’s programmatic and administrative functions. If you have questions about doing business with HHMI, visit
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