The Port of Baltimore
May/June 2013
oug Wolfe, Port Manager for
Ceres Marine Terminals since
2000, has added the title
Vice President to his resume.
But just to clarify: “I am
maintaining my position as Port Manager
with the added responsibilities of Vice
President,” he said.
Wolfe will continue to foster and forge
strong business relationships at the Port
of Baltimore while seeking to attract new
business in both the marine and cruise
“Within 10 years, Ceres has grown to
become the third largest stevedore and
terminal operator in the Continental U.S.,”
said Wolfe. “Like every company, we look
forward to more growth with diversification.
Partnering with the current administration
in the Port of Baltimore, I see many positive
things happening for the Port. Cargo
volumes should continue to rise in the ro/
ro [roll-on/roll-off] sector and man-hours
should increase for our longshoremen.”
That may be a lot of increased volume, but
with long-term plans in place, Ceres and the
Port “have it covered,” he said.
Wolfe has served on the Board
of Directors for the Steamship Trade
Association (STA), the collective body of all
the employers, steamship lines, agents and
operators, since 2000. The STA is a direct
link between management and all locals
within the Port, and the board meets monthly
to review issues that relate to operations.
He is also a trustee for the STA/ILA
Pension and Benefits Fund and said, “As
an employer, this experience has been
enlightening. Being a trustee under the
ERISA law has included administering
the plan not only in accordance with the
regulations governing the plan but also for
the benefit of the participants.”
“Doug is a real credit to the Port
of Baltimore,” said Maryland Port
Administration (MPA) Executive Director
James J. White. “He is extremely hard-
working, an expert in his field, and someone
you want on your side.”
Wolfe’s career in the transportation
industry began after high school graduation
in 1976. He was attending night school,
majoring in business and transportation,
and looking for full-time employment. “As
luck would have it, a friend of the family
from the transport agent R.C. Herd & Co.
offered me a job. (I believe my dad still
owes this friend $5 on a bet to see if I would
take it!). At the time, it never dawned on
me that this was going to develop into a
lifelong career,” he recalled. “However,
there is something about this industry that
draws one in and never lets go.”
Throughout the years, Wolfe gained
more maritime experience in various
industry positions. From 1979 to 1987, he
worked for Moore McCormack/United
States Lines. He then was hired by Ceres
as a terminal superintendent and continued
there in many capacities. He was named
Vice President effective April 1.
“Ceres and the Port of Baltimore have
been very good to me over the years, and
there is not a day that goes by that I ever
regret being here,” he said. “There is always
something that challenges me and piques
my interest.
“The Port of Baltimore is my home,” he
added. “I feel very safe and comfortable
here. There have been many changes that
have taken place over the years, and for me,
the changes have been good. I have had
the privilege of gaining many close friends,
most as a result of working in the Port. I
feel that all the Ceres employees, managers
and union members are an extension of my
family. It is a privilege to work with them
and I look forward to working and growing
with them and the Port of Baltimore for
many more years to come.”
Another long-term goal of Wolfe’s is to
“leave the Port in better shape than when
I came here; I want to leave a legacy.”
Wolfe and his wife of 23 years, Rita, live
outside Baltimore near the BWI Marshall
Wolfe’s Rise
New Ceres VP Still Calls Port ‘My Home’
Photography by Kathy Bergren Smith
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