The Port of Baltimore
May/June 2013
Bags Large
Amount of
uring an April 20 clean-up
effort around Bear Creek
in Dundalk, volunteers that
included Baltimore Port Alliance
(BPA) members removed 567 bags
of trash — more than 4 tons — and
2 tons of metal that will be recycled.
The crew also removed tires, shopping
carts, bicycles, lawn chairs and even
a huge rear-projection TV.
of Maryland
Center for Environmental Science,
and is supported by the MPA and U.S.
Maritime Administration.
In addition to ship surveys, the
Smithsonian is also using a lab where
researchers can take organisms
from the field and simulate voyages,
subjecting them to changes in
temperature and salinity.
“We’ll be doing this research for
several years,” Ruiz said. “There are
lots of questions that we would like to
explore and provide feedback to the
shipping companies.”
A key challenge that remains
is to gain local acceptance and
understanding of in-water cleaning
technologies. It is hoped that the latest
hull-cleaning systems, which capture a
high proportion of what is removed from
the hull, will prove to be both efficient
and desired in major ports of call.
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