The Port of Baltimore
May/June 2013
source of jobs, revenue … and pride far
into the future,” he added.
While standing at the podium, Lee was
flanked by 17 members of the International
Longshoremen’s Association (ILA). “Effi-
cient outcomes are the norm here [at the
Port],” he said while acknowledging the ILA
workers. “We’re grateful to all of the men
and women of the ILA.”
Lee wore an ILA lapel pin that he had
borrowed moments earlier from ILA local
953 President Steve Markowski.
“It just goes to show how we’re all
working together!” Markowski said with a
smile. Of the Seagirt upgrades, he added,
“We’re all happy about what Ports America
Chesapeake has done. The ILA is behind
them 100 percent — all I can see is more
and more work coming into the Port.”
Horace Alston, an ILA Vice President who
recently retired, called the public-private
partnership “a great deal that’s going to put
a lot of people to work.” He also noted that
a large majority of ILA members remain in
the Baltimore area upon retirement, and so
they, too, will reap the benefits of a more
robust state economy brought about by the
Port’s continued success.
For the shipping companies that
load and unload containers at the Port,
expectations run high.
Mauro Dal Bo, Manager of the
Baltimore office of the Mediterranean
Right: Former Maryland
Transportation Secretaries
Beverley K. Swaim-Staley and
John D. Porcari joined
Acting Maryland Transportation
Secretary Darrell B. Mobley.
Below: Emmett McCann
of Highstar Capital emceed
the ceremony.
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